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, sean. this is not about republicans versus democrats anymore. this is hurting all americans. what own view labor unions, workers for the irs coming out against this, workers sent up to capitol hill to calm people down, you realize how much it's already hurting our country. for me this is the last best chance. we have to do this. if we don't at leeftz try to do this, the impact it's going have on our economy, some of it is going to be irreversible. >> and it's costing billions. the president got rid of the employee mandate that's costing $12 billion. >> think about the people who have health insurance now and they're happy with it. they're going to lose that health insurance. they have a doctor they've been seeing for the last 15 or 20 years. won't be able to keep going to that doctor. i think of working-class americans who are right now work 40g hours a week that because of obama care are going to be cut back to 29 hours a week. i think about the small businesses that want to expand and grow but are afraid to do so because it wows trigger the obama mandate. i've met and talked to thes
you to reject this proposal. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> again, be have sean scott, dennis westry, turner, kevin. if you could please be lined up against the wall and be ready to go. >> good morning commissioners. my name is james and i'm a 4th generation san franciscon and a retired administrator having served at middle school for the past 13 years. in 2009 i was approved by the first tea of san francisco board of directors and asked if our school would become partners with the firts tea of san francisco and develop a first tea center at the school for the benefit of elementary and middle schools in the vegetation neighborhoods. as you know vegetation middle schools backed up to clairen park. with the approval of the san francisco district, this partnership was developed into a great san francisco success story. the first tea installed that needed equipment, the school site over $300,000 in materials and golf sports equipment. today over 1,500 lowen come students from the bay area, hunters point and vegetation area have learned to play golf in this area.
's home and sean hanni hannitys too. this is the birthday of william wells, bill berry and j.k j.k.rowling. and on this date pbs began experiments with their station, and 82 years is the exact median age of a 60 minute anchor. this is "viewpoint." >> i'm john fugelsang and this is "viewpoint." she's some of the smartest funny talented people on tv today. she's right here on current tv. i give you author, key median, brooklyn's own joy behar. >> hello, john. >> john: hello, joy. >> you forgot that i wash and feed the poor. i've healed many lepers. >> john: the media is upset over your final upset of "say anything with joy behar." >> you have another show apparent. >> i i do. can i say that it's my ending here? >> john: that's all i've read about. you've had a final appearance for another little program that you do called "the view" yesterday. >> yesterday we put something on tape, and it was a really nice goodbye show. we had a lot of guests. everybody knows if they've been reading anything, they know who they are. so i'm not telling tales. but there is six parts of it. they do th
department. the attack, as you know, killed u.s. ambassador christopher stephens foreign service officer sean smith and two knave officers shields tyrone woods and glen daugherty. major league baseball latest drug scandal could derail the career of one of the nation's biggest stars. alex rodriguez. a source telling the associated press, mlb officials are threatening to boot a rod for life. that is unless he agrees to accept a long suspension. fox news can not independently confirm that that -- can county no confirm 10 years, 257-million-dollar contract. all of this has to do with a florida clinic which allegedly banned enforcement drugs. trace gallagher has the story. what happens if they can't strike a deal with a rod? >> will, harris if the commissioner bud selig signs on it's likely major league baseball moves forward and try to ban a rod for life. a rod in return would likely appeal that decision, while he is appealing he has the right to rodriguez may have to come clean to that arbitrator. now the experts say arbitrator would probably suspend him for about both sides' best interest to no
palanean interponer una demanda para que sus agresores sean conforme a la ley castigados.... los demandantes presentaran como prueba un video captado por una camara de seguridad que muestra el momento exacto de la agresion... es todo por ahora desde mexico, vuelvo al estudio... blanca ---en el salvador, el es todo por ahora desde mexico, vuelvo al estudio... blanca ---en el salvador, el ministro de seguridad, ricardo perdmo... take vo ...informo que la cifra de homicidios en el pais presentan una tendencia a la baja. ---el funcionario dijo que hasta la fecha se han reportado mil 295 homicidios, 438 menos que el aÑo anterior en el mismo periodo. ---tambien agrego que la tasa promedio de asesinatos diarios en el pais durante 2013 es de 6.1 por ciento. ---perdmo... asevero que el repunte de homicidios entre junio y julio se debe a riÑas entre pandillas. ===roll ticker=== blanca ---vamos a anuncios publicitarios , pero primero juan francisco... juanfra sot ===roll ticker=== blanca ---ahora llegamos al deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... jf ---buenas tardes blanca, amigos en cas
) >> thank you. next time we need a park bond. while you go to the voters, i'm going to call sean parker. [laughter] >> thank you, mark. all right. i mentioned there are a variety of city departments here. i want to give a shout ought to battalion chief williams from station 38. where are you, chief? there she is. (applause) >> and i think we have some activities going on over there. i also want to give a big thank you to fire commissioner and lafayette park champion don. where is don? (applause) >> he's actually playing on the swings. [laughter] >> all right. next up, it does take great leadership from our elected leaders and another true example at the state level for us has been phil king. also he's on the state assembly. he's that young dad with two kids and uses our parks and play grounds all the time. he couldn't be here, but i have [speaker not understood] to say a very brief word to present a proclamation. thank you. >> thank you so much, phil. i'm here on behalf of assembly member tang as phil mentioned. this is a wonderful park truly an effort on behalf of the community. we're
that helped get president obama elected. last year he got married, he married sean eldridge in new york state. now, mr. hughes' new husband is running for congress as a democrat. the two of them are a democratic power couple from bright blue new york by way the bright blue california by way of harvard. to go along with his many, many millions and his liberal politics, mr. hughes last year bought a liberal magazine, the new republic, where you can find headlines like, new data that shows why the next republican nominee is screwed, and obstructing obama isn't in house republican's self-interest. john mccain, undecided 2016 voter, an exclusive interview. republican senator john mccain sitting down for an interview with the lefty smart kid of the new republic would be news in and of itself. check out what he says. the magazine asked him about the painful budget cuts forced by republicans in congress. the ones that were never supposed to happen. john mccain voted for those cuts which were supposed to scare congress into reaching an agreement, so they would never actually take place. were you surpr
got married, he married sean eldridge in new york state. now, mr. hughes' new husband is running for congress as a democrat.
prepared by major nidal hasan. staff sergeant sean manning shot six times spoke to fox news a year ago. with the defense department dealing with the attack he said via skype the public should make its own assessment. >> the government has treated this as an act of terrorism. i hope if people hear the words from hasan's own mouth that they understand this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: in the only document bearing a date he writes i am compelled to renounce any oath of allegiances that require me to support/defendant any man made constitution like the constitution of the united states over the commandments mandated in islam. in another hand written document he states if i make any mistakes i ask for forgiveness in understanding. hasan declared american democracy is incomparable. even if it specifically goes against what all mighty god commands. hasan complains america's ban on cruel and unusual punishment promotes flogging of a forn cater or severing a hand of a thief. >> it is clearly an after the fact issue where he is trying to put the sort of personal jihad into a larger reli
no necesarios, ahora lo proponen calificar comÚnicamente cuando las lesiones o tumores sean letales y requieran atenciÓn inmediata. dolores de cabeza y cambios de humor, algunos sÍntomas que sufrimos mujeres en el perÍodo menstrual que afectarÍa el rendimiento laboral, por eso un candidato a la alcaldÍa de moscÚ, propone que mujeres en rusia, escuche esto, tengan distintos dos dÍas de vacaciones al mes, cuando estÁn menstruando, seguro que tendrÁ muchos votos femeninos, quÉ piensa de la noticia, deberÍan o no tener las mujeres dÍas adicionales en el perÍodo, opine. @ "primer impacto", en facebook, en twitter, y cualquier foto u opiniÓn en instagram, esperamos comentarios. >>> pasamos ahora con lindsay casinelli, para hablar de deportes, quÉ piensas lindsay? >>> me parece muy bien, las hormonas nos ponen un poco diferente, en esos dÍas. >>> sÍ, hay cambios. >>> hay cambios, se confirmÓ la causa oficial de la muerte del christian "chucho" benÍtez, se dieron detalles de su traslado a ecuador, y los goles de la tercera jornada. el resumen deportivo. >>> el deceso de christian "ch
plane crash. sfo surveillance tape caught 44- year-old sean crudup a cuss more service agent taking bags and handing it off to raychas thomas. they allegedly returned stolen clothing to a nordstrom store and got $5,000 in return. >>> the family of a missing toddler is not giving up hope daphne webb will come home. there was a vigil last night three weeks after she went missing. the father said someone kidnapped her from his car while he was running an errand in oakland. relatives have set up a website and are canvassing neighborhoods and passing flyers in hopes of getting her home. >>> a san francisco goodwill donation center will be treated for bedbugs today. crews will do more inspections at the warehouse in burlingame. bug-sniffing dogs found the pests last week. goodwill had to throw out a lot of donations because of the infestation. >>> a tough new smoking ban in effect in petaluma today. people will no longer be able to smoke at any new and future apartments, hotels and motels in the city. the ban expands in january to include all housing complexes and hotels. the ordinance was una
employee accused of stealing passengers things will be in court. 44-year-old sean crudup and a customer service agent were caught on surveillance video taking bags and handing it to his wife raychas thomas. they allegedly returned stolen clothing to a nordstrom's store and got $5,000 in return. >>> the family of daphne webb keeps holding out hope for the 21-month-old girl's safe return. they held a candlelight vigil in oakland last night three weeks after the toddler was reported missing. her father told police someone kidnapped her from his car. relatives have set up a website and are canvassing neighbors and passing out flyers. >>> a bay area veteran will finally be laid to rest 6 decades after he died as a prisoner of war. sergeant first class joseph steinberg will be buried at golden gate national cemetery next to his brothers. steinberg's remains were brought back to the bay area earlier this week. >>> it is 6:10. coming up a bold inmate trying to steal a deputy's gun. how instinct kicked in to stop a courtroom confrontation. >> george zimmerman pulled over for speeding. what he sa
wanted to make a comment, i seen on the sean hannity show that when george zimmerman was introduced and sean hannity asked him if he could do anything over, would he change anything? and the man said no. >> stephanie: yeah. he said it was god's will. >> caller: yeah, it was god's will. and if this man has any -- calls himself a religious human being, he has a lot of reckoning to do with his maker when he meets him. >> stephanie: you are absolutely right. that to me was the most egregious part of this. if he ever expressed any remorse, like oh, i wish i would have stayed in my car -- but really? i wouldn't do anything different? >> caller: ma'am, i'm sorry, i have been in trouble with the law when i was younger, but the only people in my life that i have ever met who made that statement were convicted murders. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. exactly. well that's -- that's why remorse is part of sentencing hearings. unbelievable. by the way i have seen this picture of mitch mcconnell it is hilarious. he looks like he is doing your impression, because he has seen his new poll numbers. >> oh,
of kentucky testified before congress recently about how her brother sean was killed in a metal dust fire at an aluminum wheel plant in 2003. she told us how he was left lying on a smoldering floor after the explosion while aluminum dust burned through his flesh and muscle tish aye and each breath -- tissue and each breath causes internal organs to be burned even more. sean wasn't the first to die at work this way and he hasn't been the last. it has been more that -- than five years since the imperial sugar explosion in georgia, an explosion that killed 14 workers. it caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage because an unchecked accumulation of sugar dust ignited and caused a chain of explosions leveling the plant. these workplace explosions have not stopped. there have been 49 major combustible dust fires or explosions that have killed 18 and injured 131 workers since imperial sugar. more recently, five workers were killed in three separate events at a factory north of nashville because an iron powder processing plant failed to obey repeated dust hazards. each of the five left be
investigate. this is why we're not going to let go of this. month ago, pat smith, mother of sean smith killed in benghazi. this is what she told stuart varney on you're world. >> it is not phony or and my son is dead. i'm waiting for someone to get back to me to tell me what happened? why did hillary do what she did? why was there no security there when there was supposed to be and who was the general or whoever it was that called back the troops when they were going to help. bill: that's tough stuff. no arrests were made. no arrests have been made 10 months down the road. you mentioned the tv network, they can go there and find a suspect and sit down and talk to him for two hours? and the beginning the administration said it was the fault of a movie. that was the story they put out initially. >> yeah, i mean that's, the making of a scandal. there are a lot of elements of this that we do not know still despite the fact that there have been a lot of hearings. the white house and the administration says that they have answered a lot of questions and they're ready to move on. the problem is the
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)